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Real Estate Investing
•  How to get started in Real Estate Investing in 15 days without Money or Credit!
•  How to create residual income that lasts for years!
•  How to make $2,000-$5,000 a month doing Real Estate in your spare time!
•  How to buy properties with little or no money down!
•  How to get FREE houses!
•  How to get properties to rent out and/or live in!
•  How to Tap into our 500+ Real Estate Investor's Capital to do your deals!
•  How to make $10,000+ a month flipping houses full time!
•  How to sell your property in a few days!
•  How to partner with Rodney to do deals!
•  Personal Training with Rodney and infield experience showing you how to find Spectacular Deals!
Private Equity
•  Introduce you to the world of Private Equity! (The Wealth tool that people use to make Millions!)
•  How to get started investing into this exciting world!
•  Show you how to find opportunities!
•  Leadership Skills! - How to get people to follow your vision.
•  Negotiation Skills! - How to master the art of securing great deals.
•  Networking Skills - How to connect and form relationships with the people
you need to do business with.
•  Achieving your Goals! - How to set goals, plan them effectively, and put
them in motion to realize your dreams.
•  Personal Development! - How to become a better you and realize




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