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Rodney Adams' Bio

Rodney Adams is a lifelong, action oriented entrepreneur. He has owned over 170 properties, has been involved with over 500 Real Estate Transactions and built a multi-million dollar business and real estate empire. Now a Venture Capital Specialist and an Investor who invests in everything from Real Estate (Apartment Complexes, Commercial Buildings, and Single Family Homes) to Private Equity (Businesses with high growth potential). He also does Business Development (utilizing his experience and knowledge to provide valuable strategies for business success), mentors individuals (teaching them how to achieve massive success), and does Motivational Speaking (Inspiring others to live their dreams). Many of his ventures have afforded him the opportunity to work with several celebrities and other high profile individuals.

Rodney started a lawn care business at the age of 14 to begin building the assets he would need to participate in business investments in the future. In high school Rodney became an independent representative of Excel Telecommunications (a network marketing company) and made it all the way to the ranks of regional director and national sales trainer. After leaving Excel, he became a licensed real estate agent, and sold 2 houses on his first day out. Since that first day he has rapidly progressed from being a real estate agent, to a real estate broker, to ultimately a real estate investor. Along this journey he began working with many other investors while expanding his business base and capitalizing on other areas of opportunity.

He owns, operates, and has helped startup many businesses that now generate millions in revenue. His strong work ethic, attention to detail, and relentless drive and passion were key elements in his ultimate success and that of his investors, many of whom he has helped to make millions of dollars.

He now invests time and/or money into businesses with high growth potential. (Example: Finding & Investing in a company like Facebook before it becomes public or investing in a product/service like the ones that come on the hit Television Show Shark Tank.) Rodney is usually one of the first investors into a business that has a great concept and great team. He provides the capital and the strategic know how to take the company into another stratosphere of success.

Rodney Adams is as passionate about helping others as he is about continued upward financial success for himself and his investors. He mentors individuals inspiring them to work toward their greatest dreams and provides them the essential tools needed to help them achieve those goals. He also volunteers for community & faith based programs that give back and teach positive life lessons.

He lives by the following moto: " In order to be successful, do what successful people do." He has applied that to all the facets of his life. For success in life Rodney says “There is no need to re-invent the wheel, simply use what is already there with a proven track record of success. Most people fail because, they want to reinvent the wheel. There is no excuse for not living your dreams!! The ones who succeed have mentors that have been where they want to go. Surround yourself with like-minded people; people that make you and push you to reach your maximum potential!"

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